Tunisia summons British ambassador over on-flight electronic rules



The government of Tunisia has summoned the British ambassador to protest against the restriction of carrying electronic goods on-board flights from Tunisia, according to the Foreign Ministry that released this statement on Friday.

Britain has declared that from Saturday onwards it would be banning passengers from carrying tablets, laptops and some phones on the flights from six nations in the Middle East including Tunisia.


The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the British decision was really not fair.  Moreover, it added that this did not actually reflect any improved security situation in Tunisia. “Tunisia is taken by surprise by this decision that was undertaken without consultation with the Tunisian authorities on even informing them in advance. Tunisia has been working to counteract a threat from Islamic militants after three major attacks were claimed by the Islamic State in the year 2015 and that includes two targeting foreign tourists.” the statement read.

The United States had imposed similar restrictions on the planes that were coming from 10 airports in the Muslim-majority nations in North Africa and Middle East in reaction to unspecified security threats.

Source: Travelandtourworld


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