Egypt plans to promote pilgrim tourism


Egypt is planning to create a new wave in its tourism sector by promoting the route that the holy family is believed to have travelled through the Arab country when it fled from Palestine.

The Egyptian tourism federation said Tourism Minister Yehia Rashed travelled to Rome to meet with representatives of the tourism sector in Vatican City, with which he will address the promotion of the holy family route in Egypt, where they fled from King Herod.

The Egyptian government is planning to include the place as a tourist attraction, specially for those who come to the holy land and believes that it will be a promising product to attract large number of international tourists.

Rashed said his trip to Rome comes after the success of the visit of Pope Francis to Egypt on April 28-29 and occurs within the framework of the ministry’s interest in religious tourism.

The Pope went to Egypt on an official visit and said he considered himself a pilgrim. In his statement, he said that it felt honourable to visit the land where the holy family lived 2000 years ago. Although, the Pope’s trip took place amid intense security measures which is why he did not include the places where history indicates that the holy family stayed.


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