Arabian Leopard Challenge in Dhofar seeks to promote adventure tourism


Jebel Samhan Mountain



Dhofar, Oman is seeking to be an adventure tourism destination as this region is famed for the wildlife and the high mountains.

To promote Dhofar as a tourism destination, Arabian Leopard Challenge is going to organise from September 28 to September 30. This is a 50km trek, from the top of Jebel Samhan, a mountain that rises dramatically more than a 1,000m above the sea level, to the Indian Ocean.

This trekking programme will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the unique eco-systems along the path, in addition to experiencing the unique Jebeli culture, and see one of the world’s largest sink holes.


Dhofar Waterfalls

Once a year Jebel Samhan undergoes an amazing transformation making it home to more wildlife than anywhere else in Arabia.

Apart from an epic experience, the winners (male and female) will receive US$1,500 in prize money. This is the first time Arabian Leopard Challenge in Dhofar, offering to do the regular small trips.

The main objective is to promote Dhofar as an adventure destination as opposed to just a destination for experiencing the kharif season, and promote the wildlife variety in the area.

Husain said Husaak’s other events like Jebel Shams Challenge have been a roaring success with the last challenge earlier this year attracting close to 300 participants from 18 countries.

He also added that Arabian Leopard Challenge is expecting to allure the attendance of more than 200 people, most of them would mainly be from the GCC.

Arabian Leopard Challenge will end with a stay at a five-star beach resort. The challenge is open for families and children starting from eight plus years.

This will be a chance for people of all ages and fitness levels to run at their own speed with the presence of experienced guides and medical support. The challenge will give a scope to travel 50 kilometers with the nature trail and the photowalks.



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