NiMET expects flight disruption to occur at airports due to dust haze in northern part of the country


    The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) has stated the likelihood of flight delays and cancellations across airports in the country due to change in visibility as a result of harmattan dust haze in the Northern region.

    “Road users are still advised to exercise caution and avoid over speeding especially during early morning period when horizontal visibility is impaired by fog, mist or dust haze. Flight disruptions are also likely during this period especially over the North eastern airports,” said NiMET in a statement.

    “Visibility has slightly improved over the northern parts of the country due to the southward propagation of dust into the Central and the Southern cities. However, another dust plume has been observed over the southern Chad and Niger Republic. It is expected to propagate into the country in the next few hours. A further deterioration of the horizontal visibilities to values below 1 – 2km over the northern parts of the country with possibilities of visibility less than 1000m (1km) especially over the North eastern cities is expected.”

    The statement further expressed that the horizontal visibility over the central states in dust haze condition is still poor with visibility ranging from 1km – 5km. “Some cities over these regions are still expected to have visibility less than 1000m (1Km). No significant change is expected in coming days over the region.”

    “Over the south, the visibility is currently ranging between 3000m-5000m in hazy condition. Poorer visibility is reported over the coast and places close to water bodies, especially in the early morning due to fog. No significant change is expected in coming days over the region.

    “Dust particles are well known for their potential to cause respiratory and cardiovascular health problems. These can also irritate eyes, throat and skin. People allergic to dust are advised to take necessary precautions and seek medical advice if experiencing increased symptoms.”

    NiMET promised to continue to monitor the weather and keep the public updated by providing reliable daily weather forecast.


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