Green Africa Airways Reveals Brand Identity


Green Africa Airways,  a startup airline aiming to cause a positive disruption to airline business in Africa, has revealed its brand identity, as a sneak preview of the brand’s full 2020 launch. The identity is designed by Eddie Opara and his team at Pentagram, the distinguished international design consultancy.

Nigeria is one of the world’s most diverse nations with over 500 languages and numerous rich traditions, and Green Africa’s brand identity draws on elements of Nigerian and African heritage.

Green Africa’s vision is to build a carrier that will transform the Nigerian and African aviation market by providing safe, reliable and affordable air travel to a much broader group of customers. Babawande Afolabi, Founder and CEO, and the team behind Green Africa can’t wait to share the new game-changing airline with Africa’s 1.2 billion people.

Part of the airline’s brand reveal today includes updated social media channels, while the design behind the website, aircraft livery and cabin crew uniforms will be unveiled closer to the full launch. Keep an eye on Green Africa in 2020.


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