Report Shows Decline In Passenger Traffic as recorded Kenya Airports Authority


    Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) said it reported a decline in performance with respect to passenger and aircraft movements in the month of March.

    KAA stated that “this is in tandem with the global recovery phase, the gradual growth of commercial air passenger traffic in the country continued to be heavily impacted by the ravages of the COVID19 pandemic. The cargo counter however continued to perform well-anchored mainly on enhanced demand for fresh produce and other consumables in destination markets as well as the conveyance of COVID-19 related supplies.”

    In report, the traffic figures released by the KAA, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s passenger throughput in March 2021 decreased by 24.1% from the figure recorded the same month in 2020 to hit 279,413 passengers. Aircraft movement went down by -16.9% to record a movement of 5,887 aircraft over the same period, while the amount of cargo handled increased by 36.2% to stand at 31,393,668.0 Kgs recorded over the period under review.


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