EgyptAir to operate first environment-friendly service flight in Africa

Egypt air

EgyptAir is planning to operate a flight from Cairo to Paris with environment-friendly services and products on January 22nd. This will be the first flight of its kind for an airline in Africa.

“The national carrier’s operation of this flight with environment-friendly services and products is part of the company’s social responsibility and its efforts to reduce environmental pollution and enhance awareness of the harmful effects of using single-use plastics”, said Amr Aboul-Enein, chairman and CEO of EgyptAir Holding Company.

According to, The Airline aims, in its future plan, at reducing the consumption of single-use plastic on its flights by 90%. It will replace 27 products made of single-use plastic on its aircraft with environment-friendly products.

EgyptAir offered a 40% discount on this first eco- friendly flight between Cairo and Paris. A special flight logo “Green Service Flight” was designed to be placed on all products and materials used during this flight, representing the airline’s vision towards a more sustainable future.


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