On Tuesday, the first Chinese chartered-flight tourist group arrived in Tunisia. The North African country anticipates attracting greater number of tourists from the biggest tourist market of the world.

The trip route comprising 165-tourist group, arranged by China Youth Tourism Service or CYTS is one of the biggest tour operators in China, covering Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria respectively.

Song Chenxi, a tourist group member working in Beijing explained that she was awed by Tunisia’s “half sea and half flame” when she first travelled to the country back in 2012.
That’s the reason she decided to company her husband for a second visit to the North African country.

“I have posted my photos on Wechat during this trip and got plenty of likes,” she said. In China, Wechat is the most popular social media mobile application.

As per Chen Guang, a marketing and brand manager from CYTS, the Mediterranean and Sahara Desert are the two famous trips of world-class.

“Tunisia has its unique touristic resources,” Chen said, highlighting that the cultural diversity is the main ingredient to this country bragging seven World Heritage sites dating back to more than 2,000 years ago.

“The sale of this trip group is far beyond our expectation,” he added.

Since 2015, Tunisia has seen drop in its tourism when three significant terrorist attacks took over 70 lives of foreign tourists and security forces.

Last year, the sector started regaining its lost glory gradually as the North African country posted about 6.73 million tourists.

“Everything is truly under perfect control now,” Leila Tekaia, the manager of public relations and communication from National Office of the Tunisian Tourism (ONTT) said.


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