44 Countries that don’t require visas from Nigerians





Do you know you can enter some countries without a visa?

For some countries you do not need a visa, while other countries will offer you a visa for a nominal fee once you arrive there. Some of these countries are in West Africa, others are spread across the world.


Here is the list of 44 countries that a Nigerian, with an international passport, can visit without getting a visa.


Singer Rihanna is from this country. Lots of African people reside in this country and it is also known to be a center of tourism. This country is situated in the Caribbean and gives Nigerians  a free visa for a 6 month stay in the country. After the expiration of the 6 months visa, you will have to pay for a visa.

Benin Republic

This country shares some similarities with the Nigerian Yoruba tribe. People also claim that this country is the originator of voodoo crafts. Anyway, the country is an ECOWAS member and also a neighboring country to Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian, you can enter this country with a free visa.


This country is in South Asia and is also situated on the east side of India with Dakar as its capital. This country happens to one of the top most populated countries in the world. Bangladesh presents visas to Nigerians once they arrive.


Burundi can be found in the East Africa. The land locked country presents a free visa valid for thirty days. After the expiration of 30 days, you will be required to pay for a visa.

Burkina Faso

The West African land-locked country is a member of the ECOWAS. A Nigerian can enter the country without a visa. The name ‘Burkina Faso’ is interpreted as ‘fatherland of honest people’



The country has English and French listed as its official languages. Cameroon also shares borders with Nigeria. Even though it is a Central African country, it is also an ECOWAS member. Nigerians can get into the country without a visa

Cape Verde

This country has a very strong Portuguese authority, even though it is an African country. The country depends on tourism to boost its economy as it is not rich in natural resources. It presents Nigerians with visas when they arrive.


The country being a land-locked country is ranked as the 5th largest country in Africa. It is also a part of the ECOWAS body, and one of the countries you can enter without a visa as a Nigerian.


Ghana and Nigeria are similar in some ways. Both countries are close even though they share no borders. One major reason for the closeness is because English is the official language spoken in both countries and they are both enclosed by Francophone countries. You can enter Ghana without a visa as a Nigerian


This country happens to be an ECOWAS member, a Francophone nation and also one of the smallest countries in West Africa. A Nigerian can go in without a visa.

Cote D’ivore

Formerly known as the Ivory Coast, the francophone country is dominated by the Christians and the Muslims. A Nigerian can access the country without a visa since it is an ECOWAS member.


The country is famed for being the first and only country to gain independence without any difficulties. It is also the 1st modern republic in Africa. A Nigerian can access this country without any visa. Liberia is interpreted as ‘land of freedom’

Sierra Leone

This country, once a British colony is tagged as the sister country to Liberia with its capital in Freetown. You can get into the country without a visa as a Nigerian.



The country is dominated by the Muslims and it is also a Francophone country. Being an ECOWAS body, one can enter the country without a visa


Being a small country, it is very much enclosed by Senegal. The nation is an English speaking country. No visa required.

Comoros Island

The volcanic island gifts Nigerians visa when they arrive in their territory


Djibouti is an African country that presents visas to Nigerians once they arrive on their territory


Both Gabon and Nigeria share the same border. Its capital is Libreville. The country is accessible to Nigeriand without a visa


This Muslim dominated country  is part of an ECOWAS body. You can gain access into this West African nation without a visa as a Nigerian.

Dominican Republic

Aside from Cuba, Dominican Republic is bigger than all Caribbean countries. This country being the most visited country by the tourists in the Caribbean, gifts free visas for twenty one (21) days.

Fiji Island

Fiji Island, made up of over 300 islands, was created by volcanic activities. The country gifts 4 months of free visas to Nigerians visiting for the first time


This country presents visas to Nigerians once they arrive on their territory

Guinea Bissau

This country used to be a section of the Mali kingdom. Although it is a very unstable country due to the unstable political activities, you can enter the country with no visa as a Nigerian.



After the earthquake that occurred in 2010, Haiti still hasn’t been able to bounce back to its former self. The Caribbean country is ranked as the poorest country in the Caribbeans. You can access the country as a Nigerian without a visa within the first 90 days of visiting.


Kenya is very popular for its exceptional marathon runners. It is an East African country with its capital in Nairobi. You get your visa when you arrive their territory as a Nigerian


The country being the 2nd biggest nation in the Middle East, has a strategic geographical location and also a ranked as one of the oldest serving capitals, according to history. You get your visa when you arrive their territory as a Nigerian.


This African island presents a 90 days visa once a Nigerian is on their territory.


The country offers a month visa on arrival to Nigerians.


This country ranked in Africa, as the 3rd biggest producer of gold, has its citizens living below the international poverty limit and is also visa free for Nigerians.


Back then, this African country popularly tagged as ‘the star and key’ of the Indian Ocean. You can access the country visa free for the first 90 days.


This Islamic republic and the 11th largest country in West Africa, grants visa to Nigerians once they arrive.


This country, made up of 5 regions, is situated in Oceania. The regions are Nauru, Marshall Islands, Palau, Kiribati, the Federated States of Micronesia. If you are a Nigerian, you get a free 90 days visa.


This is one of Micronesian regions, and is also situated in Oceania. You get your visa on arrival as a Nigerian.

Niger Republic

This country is a West African country and also an ECOWAS member. It also share borders with Nigeria and you get access into the country visa free as a Nigerian.


The country has a history of being once a Portuguese colony. You get a 30 days free visa when you get to their territory as a Nigerian.


Being one of the regions in Micronesia and also situated in Oceania, it presents a 30 day free visa to Nigerians.


This country being part of Common Wealth of Nations had her independence away from New Zealand around 1982. You get a 60 day visa free entrance on arrival, as a Nigerian.


This Muslim dominated war zone country with its capital, Mogadishu, gifts visas to Nigerians on arrival.


The home country of Kilimanjaro and also a habitat for some major Savannah animals, presents visas to Nigerian once they arrive into the country.

Sri Lanka

This island is situated in Southern Asia. Buddahism is the major religion practiced there, even though other religions are practiced there as well. It presents electronic travel authorization to Nigerians.


This Anglophone/land-locked nation, is situated in East Africa. It presents visas to Nigerians on arrival.


This island is situated in the Pacific Ocean. She gained her independence in 1980 and only offers a 30 day visa



The interpretation of Tuvalu is ‘8 standing together’. Also situated in the Pacific Ocean, you get a 30 day visa when you arrive their territory.


Back then, this country was called East-Timor. She gained her independence in 2002. You get a 30 day visa from her on arrival as a Nigerian.


As far as you are from Nigeria, you can get to enter the above countries without difficulty. Just have your Nigerian passport with you.


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