The Importance of Tourism




In 2015, Travel and Tourism contributed $7.2 trillion to the World’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surpassing the business volume of oil exports, food products and automobiles.


African countries have now seen the wisdom in taking advantage of the continent’s colourful and rich culture through developing their tourism sectors. In 2014, Egypt had 14.7 million visitors and tourism spending that totaled $7.5 billion. In 2015, Morocco raked in MAD 61.9b (Morrocan Dirham). In 2013 South Africa played host to 14.3 million visitors with revenue totaling R103.6b.


Tourism is becoming the backbone of countries in Africa and the world over because added to its revenue generation, it provides employment and increases goodwill. However Nigeria loses millions of dollars every year because she is yet to tap into the resource pool that is tourism


There is a need for communities in Nigeria to tap into their cultural and tourism potentials to boost business activities and employment opportunities within the area. This would have far reaching effects for those involved in the production of arts and crafts, foods and wines, recreation, music and dance, hospitality among other sectors linked to travel and tourism.


Sources: Trading Economics, Statistics South Africa



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