Air Cairo to become operator of E-jets


Air Cairo is about to become a new operator of Embraer’s E-Jets. The airline has not yet disclosed how many aircraft it intends to count nor how they will be incorporated, but an announcement on Facebook anticipated its plans.

Air Cairo made public on November 3 that it is hiring captains and first officers with experience on E170 and E190 jets and who have valid licenses in Egypt.

The link with EgyptAir, a former Embraer customer, may give a clue to Air Cairo’s intentions. The low-cost company even received one of the 12 E170s that operated on the late EgyptAir Express, via CIAF leasing, but the aircraft apparently did not end up being used.

The option for the E190, however, indicates that the aircraft must come from other markets as the model does not fly in Egypt.


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