Aviators Africa Appoints Advisory Board


Aviators Africa has appointed its advisory board and award committee. This is in a bid to strengthen its resolve to institutionalize its platform towards the development of African Aviation.

Aviators Africa has made fundamental improvements towards creating a platform that is credible and transparent to recognize, award and celebrate excellence in African Aviation with Aviators Africa Awards also known as The Tower Awards. We are desirous in building a pan African award institution by Africans for Africa that the aviation sector can be proud of as a hallmark for deserving individuals and brands.

It is to this end that Aviators Africa appoints board members who have distinguished themselves in African aviation with invaluable experience span across several decades.

The board members are:

  • Gilbert Kibe
  • Chamsou Andjorin
  • Boni Dibate
  • Candy Kosonkomona
  • Sean Mendis
  • James O’Shea
  • Deshni Nadar
  • Alex Nwuba

Aviators Africa Conference in its fifth year has carved a niche for itself with a conference platform that is focused on Sustainability. It seeks to be the pioneer platform in the aviation sector that drives economic and environmental sustainability in African aviation. It will use its platform to bring airlines and aviation businesses together with the view of helping start-ups, emerging and existing airlines to be sustainable in the long term by drawing skilled resources from the value chain in the sector.

Aviators Africa conference has been renamed African Aviation Sustainability Conference (AASC) to drive home its message towards the development and sustainable aviation sector in Africa.

The fifth edition of the conference and Tower Awards will be held from 28th – 30th September 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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