FAAN unfolds preparation for ACI summit, logo

Preparations are in top gears by Nigeria to host the 59th Airports Council International (ACI), Africa Board and Regional Committees Meetings, Conference & Exhibition coming up in Lagos, Nigeria from the 14th -20th April, 2018.
To this end,  the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) today held a pre-event press conference on what to expect at the summit.
The event, which was aimed at intimating the media community and other stakeholders about the forthcoming conference was attended by the Managing Director of the authority, who also doubles as the President, ACI Africa,  Saleh Dunoma.
Also in attendance were directors from the Authority, gentlemen and ladies of the media and other stakeholders.
Nigeria is currently seeking investments especially in the aviation industry and this conference will give an insight to areas where investments are needed.”

 Dunoma said FAAN has made a lot of strides since being part of that league and serving in the capacity as the ACI Africa President has ensured that Nigeria is in the limelight and has given the country an advantage in decision making as it relates to aviation matters in Africa and the world.

He noted that this years conference, with the theme “Business Transformation for Sustainable Airport” will draw experts from across the world, including the Council President of ICAO, Dr Bernard Aliu. According to him, sessions to be held at this conference include, Innovation in airport business, Business innovation in airport retail, The future of airport tax free shops, Technology to support business transformation, Transformation in practice, amongst others.

The FAAN boss noted that the hosting of this event will be of immense benefit primarily to the Authority and ultimately to the sector and Nigeria as a nation.
L-R: Chairperson Planning Committee/Director, Commercial & Business Development, FAAN; Engr. Saleh Dunoma, President ACI-Africa/MD/CEO FAAN; Mrs. Adenike Aboderin, co-Chairperson Planning Committee/Director, Finance & Accounts at a press conference in Lagos to announce the 59th ACI-Africa Board and Regional Committees Meetings & Regional Conference and Exhibition to be hosted by FAAN from 14-20 April 2018

He stressed that through ACI assistance, Nigeria has gone through successful certification of both Lagos and Abuja Airports and has currently commenced APEX in safety programme of Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu and Kaduna airports.

He said,”In Nigeria, ACI has been of tremendous assistance in the certification process of the Lagos and Abuja airports through the APEX in safety programme which helped us identify safety gaps in our aerodromes. In recognition of the role played by ACI and in FAAN’s bid to ensure safety in our airports, we have commenced the APEX in safety programme in other of our international Airports namely Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu and Kaduna airports. ”

“I am pleased to announce that today is the inaugural day of the week-long APEX in safety review in Port Harcourt which will be closely followed by the APEX review in Kano. The safety reviews for Kaduna and Enugu will be carried out in May of this year. FAAN is engaging a proactive means of mitigating risks and ensuring the overall safety of our passengers,” he said .

Highlighting the direct benefits accruable from the conference, he stated that over 300 delegates including investors would be converging in Lagos for this event. The guests will pass through airports in Nigeria, pay visa fees to the Nigerian Immigration services, stay in various hotels and visit different historical sites before they depart.

The event climaxed with the unveiling of the 2018 ACI Conference logo by Engr. Dunoma, to the applause of guests.


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