Ghana gets new border control and visa management system at Kotoka Airport


A new Border Control and Management System has been installed at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra to control risks and make processes easier for travelers.

The new system according to an e-Transform document would systematically verify travelling documents and capture traveler information which will be strictly confidential and would remain the property of the Ghana Immigration service.
E-Transform is a World Bank funded project under the Ministry of Communications.

The new system will help combat fraud efficiently through systematic document verification and biometric traveler authentication and also enhance control against illegal stay in Ghana, the document noted. Additionally, the system provides a modernization of the country’s information systems to control borders and issuance of visas.

It is also aimed at improving tourism and business through its eVisa Management & Control processes. The system operates by reading the e-Passport chip and performs systematic and thorough document verification.

It captures fingerprints systematically and has a friendly user interface of the eGates that will contribute in efficiently handling passenger flow by guiding the users through the new automated process.
Checks are also performed in real time which enables unusual incidences to be detected immediately.

A step-in solution allows a second inspection in case warnings are raised during the primary inspection process, the document adds.


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