GT Bank Food and Drink Fair 2017 Experience



The way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach; a truth that was put into effect at the second edition of GT Bank Food and Drink Fair. From 11 am, all roads led to the Water corporation Drive at Oniru, Victoria Island and the parking lot filled with cars in a matter of minutes.




The Fair was filled with people who came to get a taste of the exotic that the fair offered.


Rice cakes (masa) offered by Gidan Masa

Local delicacies like “masa” (rice cakes),



ofada rice were offered by vendors at the event.









For the fun lovers, there was the Icey Drinks and Cocktail stand and


for the health conscious, there was the Limlim Dried Fruit snacks stand. In short, there was something for everybody. There were Masterclasses with the Nigerian and International chefs who graced the event.


Chef Eros of Breakfast at Eros (BAE) gave his fans an opportunity to meet him and have a photo session with him.


Vendors added personal touches to their stands.


The “farmer’s market experience” was another highlight of the event.

The GT Bank Food fair with the theme, “Promoting Enterprise” gave vendors a chance to connect with a global audience and promote their businesses on a large scale as food lovers all over the world came for the two day event.


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