IDENTITY CRISIS: Bride-to-be flies from London to Morocco on her teenage son’s passport


A bride-to-be jetted to Morocco for her hen do — accidentally using her teenage son’s passport. Theresa Carter, who flew with nine pals, was let on a Ryanair flight at Stansted using 15-year-old Joshua’s passport — with a picture taken when he was 13. The mum of two was on her way to her hen do. But when she pointed out her error at Marrakesh Menara Airport staff said she could not enter the country and was marched back on to the flight she arrived on. The mum of two flew out again the next day. Theresa, with partner Joshua, was sent home on the same flight she arrived on.


Theresa with her son’s passport

Theresa said: “I couldn’t believe it when I pulled out my son’s passport. I’m very organised and I had the passport ready for about a week. I thought I had the right one so I didn’t check it when I was in London.
Just before I got on the plane my passport was checked by a female staff member who looked at it and just let me through without any questions.” She added: “I know it was my fault, but I’ve said to the staff that they’re half to blame too, it’s their job to check.”


The bungle, which happened on February 24, raises serious security concerns at the airport when the UK terror threat level is currently rated as “severe”. She flew back to Morocco the next day to join her pals.
It is not the first time a passenger has accidentally managed to travel on the wrong passport. In February last year, nightclub bouncer Josh Reed managed to leave the country from Stansted with his girlfriend’s passport after security staff failed to notice he wasn’t a petite brunette female.
Ryanair said: “It is each passenger’s primary responsibility to ensure that he/she is travelling on a valid passport, in compliance with Ryanair’s terms and conditions. We have asked our handling agent at London Stansted to ensure this rare incident does not recur.


Source: The Sun


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