Kenyan aviation safety standard second best in Africa -ICAO


Kenyan aviation safety standard has been ranked best in East, Central and Southern  Africa region in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) audit  having scored 91.77 per cent. In Africa, Kenya ranks second after Nigeria that has a score of 96.06 per cent followed by Tanzania at 85.68 per cent, Rwanda at 85.97 and Uganda at 76.44 per cent.

This audit outcome has given the country a clean bill with the score being the highest ever recorded for the region after it scored 88 per cent in 2015 and 68 per cent in 2008.

According to, currently, the global score on the average Effective Implementation (EI) of Critical Elements (CEs) stands at 71.86 per cent, an African average of 61.90 per cent and East and Southern Region at 65.61 per cent.

This is a major milestone in the growth and development of Civil Aviation in Kenya, East Africa and the rest of Africa.

It is also a confidence indicator to other states, existing and potential air carriers and investors on the robust nature of Kenya’s aviation security system.

This improved performance comes just after Kenya attained Category 1 Status making possible direct nonstop flights into the United States of America in 2018.

To attain the Category 1 Status Kenya had to implement  a raft of recommendations by the US government to enhance security, among them separation of passenger arrival and departure terminals, clearing the flight path and fencing off the airport.

To be in the first category status, an airport has to score higher than 80 per cent during an annual assessment by ICAO which Kenya failed to attain having scored 66 per cent and 78.42 in 2013 and 2014.

The  ICAO audit, which incorporates elements of both risk based and continuous monitoring approach that support enhancement of international civil aviation security, was conducted in critical aviation sector areas and collaborates a number of agencies both government and private sector.

The mandatory ICAO universal security audit was conducted from  May 16 to 27 2022 and is the third audit in Kenya under the Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP).

This is an upward trajectory for Kenya and it included an expanded scope of the audit areas. The improved score is significant since it gives an overall picture of the compliance status. Some of the safety audits conducted by ICAO include inspection of Kenya Airways and other domestic airlines as well as aviation facilities in the country.

Others include audit on personnel training and operation, licensing and surveillance of air operators.


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