Lagos At 50: A celebration of culture and the spirit of Lagos



From the constant stream of people in Computer Village, the yellow danfos that weave about on the busy roads to the fairy tale of the bread seller who became a top model, Lagos is a tapestry of the human existence and a depiction of the cycle of struggle, hopes and dreams. It is the melting pot of people, tribes and cultures from all over the country in search of a better life and greener pastures. Lagos also holds a spot of attraction for people all over the world with festivals dating back from FESTAC ’77 to the annual Lagos Carnival and Lagos Water Regatta.


The Lagos Water Regatta is an aquatic event held on the creeks and lagoons of Lagos that celebrates a facet of the history of this great state. In the 14th Century, Lagos was known as the “State of Aquatic Splendour” because it is the gateway to the central southern parts of Africa, Asia and the Far East. The coastlines of Lagos were navigated by fearless explorers of old – Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama on their way to discover the New World.


Popularly known as “Eko” or “Isale Eko”, Lagos was originally inhabited by the Awori sub-group of Yoruba people who named it “Oko”. In the 16th Century, the Awori settlement was conquered by the Benin Empire and the Island was renamed “Eko”, a name it proudly bears till today. With beautiful landmarks such as “The Three Wise Men”, the Lighthouse at Tarkwa Bay, the National Theatre, Lagos is a land of culture, history, dreams, creativity and upliftment.


The celebration of this noble state at 50 is an opportunity to showcase its rich history and beauty to the world and a chance to tell the world a story of Nigeria and Africa from the proud centre of excellence. Lagos looks from its past to a future of a technologically advanced city, a megacity that will become one of the top 100 best places in the world to live and do business in.


The line up for the Lagos at 50 celebration has events such as The Rumble – an exhibition boxing match between ex-governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed and Evander Holyfield, a Jazz Festival, Lagos Laughs. For more event details click here . The grand finale of the Lagos at 50 celebration will take place in the Month of May.

Itesiwaju eko lo je wa logun


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