Marbella’s Beauty Spa Helps Women Prevent Hair Loss


Martina Ifijeh
Thousands of women in Lagos battling with hair loss due to use of weavons, wigs and application of jell and other hair chemicals can now breathe a sigh of relief as Marbella’s Place, a beauty and treatment spa is set to offer preventive and cosmetic care.

The spa believed instead of using artificial hair and unfriendly chemicals, natural hair can as well be made beautiful to achieve a more natural look, thereby preventing hair pull.

Speaking during the opening of the Spa in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, a co-Founder, Qifdiyya Dantata, said natural hair with natural treatment makes African women attractive and beautiful. “That is why part of what we are trying to achieve at the spa is for Africans to embrace their natural hair. If you come to Marbella’s Place, we make your hair in a very unique way. It might look simple but it sure must be classy,” she noted.

The Spa is co-owned by Rahma Dantata.

She said apart from helping women embrace their natural hair and prevent hair loss, the spa also offer henna tattoo, waxing, facials, body massage, manicure and pedicure, hair styling & grooming, nail arts, among others. Adding that looking healthy and beautiful are key areas the spa gives priority.

“One thing we realise in vogue now is the henna tattoo, which we have started offering as well to Nigerians. Though some school of thoughts believe it is an Hausa thing, the truth is, anyone can do it. It originated from Arab and India. Henna is always used to adorn young women’s bodies as part of social celebration. Most people attribute it to marriage or fertility celebration, but it’s beyond that, it is meant to beautify the body and it comes in different designs. You can draw it anytime and it only lasts on the body for one week. Any tribe can have it on. It brings out the beauty in ladies,” she added.


“Marbella’s Place believes in the entrepreneurial agenda of the current administration to ‘buy Nigeria to grow the naira’. In view of this, the company seeks to launch its own line of locally made refined beauty products for use on all skin types sometimes this year as well as empower young women in the fashion and beauty industry with subsequent vocational trainings for the year round.

“Virtually all our services are unique and special. Our ambience is very welcoming and glamourous. In some places, they don’t pay attention to little details to make a salon business grow. We try as much as possible to employ enough staff in other to put everything in place. Another thing is the environment and our location is easily accessible,” she added.
Qifdiyya, who studied marketing in her first degree and Human Resource Management in her second degree emphasised that Marbella Place would rather make up a customer to look natural rather than looking like a doll, as it’s the case with most beauty saloon. “We make you look exactly beautiful in a natural way. You could still see your natural beauty as well as the make-up instead of making you look like a complete different person,” she said.
The beautician, who is also good in hairdressing said all services offered by the Spa were affordable.

She said Marbellas Foundation, a subsidiary of the company will be reaching out to the less privileged this Valentine season with a themed activation.



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