Medview Airlines Aborted Flight over Cooling System Malfunction


A day after Air Peace B37 aircraft aborted flight as a result of two burtst tyres as it prepared for take-off, Medview Airlines airplane carrying about 90 passengers today aborted its Lagos –Abuja – Yola flight following the collapse of the cooling system of the aircraft while taxing to take off.
It was learnt that the flight which was taxing to take off at about 9.30 am when the cooling system suddenly packed up , and this made inside of the aircraft to be hot.
It was also learnt that as result of the pilot was said to have aborted the flight and return the flight to the apron.
The captain of the flight was said to have taken the panicked passengers to the apron where the passengers were disembarked and transferred to another aircraft to continue their journey to Abuja
Media Consultant to Medview Airline, Mr Obuke Oyibhota , confirmed the incident.
He stated that the aircraft, which was carrying over 100 persons, was taxing on 18 left runway of the Murtala Muhammed Airport(MMA), Lagos, when the cooling system developed fault.
According to him, “The incident happened around midday. The aircraft did not make an air return. The plane was taxiing when the Captain in Charge noticed that the cabin was hot. If he had taken off, it could have stabilised the cooling system but as a precautionary measure, he taxied back to base.
He continued, “That was what happened and nobody was hurt. The said aircraft is on ground and our team of engineers is examining the aircraft to ascertain what led to it.


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