Miss Tourism Zimbabwe takes the country’s tourism to new heights


Miss Carnival, also known as Miss Tourism Zimbabwe has completely altered the face of local modeling in such a way that sponsors across the world are now geared up to get associated with this brand. The organizers of MTZ which is about to take place this Friday has promised the visitors and the organizers to witness a world class event to happen.


After receiving profitable sponsorships, the organizers are very hopeful to take the model industry of this country to a good place, as it had lost its public appeal few years back. To quote pageant spokesperson Alson Darikayi, “When the pageant was given to Barbra Mzembi as Miss Carnival that marked the transformation of the pageant into what it is today.” Darikayi said that in order to keep the pageant away from politics, it has been privatized to attract more sponsorship and rebrand the event.


He said, “The rebranding meant that we had to remove politics from the running of the pageant because ZTA [Zimbabwe Tourism Authority] and the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry are political institutions, so we thought the new MTZ should be run by the private sector.” 18 final contestants of the event went through strict monitoring of the conduct in order to close different loopholes. The organizers have signed partnership with study in China admission system or Sicas, which will help the winner to grab a 4-year scholarship and study in China. Mr. Mzembi was quite happy with the partnership, development and inauguration of the ceremony. Mzembi said, “We believe in education to get out of poverty. That is why all of our 18 contestants have A’ Level [passes] as a minimum qualification, giving them a chance to go to university and any of the girls can grab the opportunity.”
They have also partnered with Zimbabwe Agricultural Society and this would help them to earn five tractors, which would eventually help the girl child project to get an impetus. Sicas business director Joy Khosa said, “The lucky girl will go to a top university in China and we hope when she is back, she will also be able to share more of China with fellow Zimbabweans.”


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