The Pan African Passport and its implications for the African Traveller


Citizens of countries across Africa could have a new document available to them starting in 2018. It’s called the Pan-African Passport and it could change the way the continent travels. The idea behind the document is to make it easier to cross borders within Africa, opening doors to both leisure and business travelers to travel more freely. The shared documentation not only eliminates the need for visas but also provides a level of shared security for participating countries.


The Pan-African passport will give a broader understanding of what it means to be a citizen of a place. Especially in the current global climate, the idea of a United States of Africa has captured the media’s attention.

Much of the current worldwide narrative relates to immigration, with some advocating for a turn away from centralized cross-border documentation. If this shift solidifies, then the possibility of a pan-African passport would likely fade away. Yet the benefits of such a document have shown an estimated 24 percent increase in travel spending thanks to a shared process for identification.


The travel engine is a significant driver of growth for economies the world over. Some of this revenue growth could come from ancillaries such as baggage fees and on-board services.


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