Passengers stranded at Lagos Airport due to faulty scanners


Hundreds of passengers at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos today are stranded as three out of four scanning machines fail to work for over three days.

A visit to the MMIA this morning by show an unbelievably long queue waiting to scan their boxes and enter the departure lounge and it is only one queue instead of four.

This is because out of four scanning machines only one was working. Passengers who patiently wait will miss their flights and not unexpectedly many passengers are negotiating their way in without having to scan their luggage which poses a huge security risk for everybody.

One of the passengers who was also affected by the unfortunate situation stated that this has been happening for few days now and no one in Abuja seem to care.

“I am now on board to London and the pilot is offering an apology to passengers but pleading some passengers are still stuck out there and we have to wait,” the passenger said


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