Royal Air Maroc to Enhances Fleet Capacity with Order for 10 Aircraft

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Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is set to enhance its fleet by acquiring 10 new aircraft. The airline has been in discussions with Boeing and Embraer for several months and has now finalized significant orders as part of its ambitious growth strategy for 2037. The acquisitions consist of both direct purchases and leasing contracts, with the option to purchase.

The finalized orders include four Boeing 787s, comprising two 787-8 and two 787-9 models, as well as four 737 MAX 8 aircraft to increase capacity. Additionally, RAM has secured an agreement with Embraer for two E190s, with specific details on the E1 or E2 family yet to be disclosed.

Royal Air Maroc is actively negotiating with Boeing for a potential second deal, which could involve seven 737 MAX 8s and three Dreamliners. This showcases the airline’s dedication to bolstering its fleet with modern and efficient aircraft.

The expansion of the fleet aligns with RAM’s vision to establish itself as a global airline, expanding its domestic and international networks. The increased capacity will enable RAM to provide improved services to passengers and solidify its position as a significant player in the aviation industry.

RAM’s expansion and modernization plan, scheduled to be implemented by 2027, is a key driver behind these strategic aircraft acquisitions. The airline currently operates 50 aircraft, including 28 Boeing 737-800s, two MAX 8s, six ATR 72s, five 787-8s, four 787-9s, and four E190s. The forthcoming deliveries of the new aircraft are anticipated between September 2023 and January 2024, with the possibility of some aircraft being second-hand models.

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