Ryanair becomes the safest airline in the world


The recent tragedy involved Southwest Airline, leaves one fatality-free airline Ryanair, well ahead of the global field. No one has died in an accident involving the Irish airline since its first flight in July 1985. Last year, Ryanair carried its one billionth passenger, the first European airline to reach that number. The total is rising rapidly to 1.1 billion at a rate of 356,000 per day.

easyJet is in second place worldwide, which has flown an estimated 820 million passengers safely since its maiden flight in November 1995. Flybe, Jet2, Thomas Cook Airlines and Virgin Atlantic also have fatality-free records, but have flown far fewer passengers than easyJet or Ryanair. Monarch, which collapsed in October 2017, had no fatal accidents in a history of almost half a century.

Although many airlines boast a fatality free flying record, Southwest Airlines and Ryanair’s record is judged against the massive numbers of passengers they carry. Southwest has carried 1.8 billion people since their founding in Texas in 1971. 1.1 billion people have flown on board Ryanair with zero fatalities since their founding in July 1985. In 2017, Ryanair celebrated flying their one billionth passenger.


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