SAHCOL May Lose N80million to Abuja Airport Closure


SKYWAY Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) has revealed that the proposed closure of the Abuja Airport for repairs is laudable but stakeholders were not carried along to know how this will impact on their business as airlines were not the only ones operating in airports.

This is just as the handling company said it would lose N70- 80million on the closure especially on manpower, equipment  which will cost money as the handling company is not planning to lay anyone off despite the present situation.

Speaking with journalists at its headquarters at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, the Managing Director of the ground handling company, Mr. Rizwan Kadri said government got it wrong by not taking everybody along.

Kadri said, “Government is taking the right step as the repair of the Abuja Airport is long overdue however, they have gone about it wrong as no stakeholder was carried along and that is why no foreign airline is flying into Kaduna.”

We will lose a lot owing to this closure, if we make N70-N80million at Abuja who will give us that. We will need to shift manpower, equipment to Kaduna and we will continue to pay them salaries if they stay in Abuja although not doing anything for six weeks. We hope it lasts just six weeks but the airlines plan a return after the six weeks.


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