Sex Scandal rocks Cabin Crew recruitment in Nigerian Airlines



Below is the experience of a lady who tried to gain employment as a cabin crew member in some domestic airlines.


I am a student of Lagos City Polytechnic Ikeja, an avid lover of adventure and travelling. To fulfill my dreams, I went for a Cabin Crew course in schools like Overland and Aero Consult and after I was through with the course, I went searching for employment at different airlines like Air Peace, Azman, Dana, Arik Air.


I went to Air Peace first and my encounter was not pleasant there. Then I went to Azman where I met the Cabin Crew Service Manager by name Mr. Alex who assured me that once Azman started recruiting he would let me know but I never heard from him again.
I went to Arik Airline where I met a friend that introduced me to the Cabin Crew Manager, Mr.Kufry. At first he was polite and friendly and at the end he changed and propositioned me. Then I asked if I could get a job and he replied me “Use what you have to get what you want” and ever since that day I stopped calling him. Then one day I called him and he still said the same thing then I sent him a message.


Text sent to Mr. Kufry of Arik Airlines


I had the worst experience at my favourite airline, Dana Airline. I went, submitted my credentials and I was called for an interview in September. Excited, I went and I met a man by called Mr. Kapoor. I explained to him that I had not obtained my NYSC certificate and he said, “Ok I will see what I can do”. I got his contact and called after that to keep in touch. One fateful day he called me and told me Dana is about recruiting so I left to the Airport. Getting there I met him and he said a new aircraft just came in and since they would need people, he decided to call me but there was a condition attached: I will have to sleep with him.
At first I was desperate because I wanted to work and finish my schooling, I then told him I would think about it and call him. I got home and felt bad that I had to compromise my morals to get a job. I called him after some time and turned down his proposal. He got so angry and upset and I got so discouraged telling myself that I didn’t want this anymore.


When I went to inquire about taking a cabin crew course I was never told you need a school certificate or an NYSC result before getting employment. All I was told was to go for the course and obtain a license then submit to airlines and after that I would get a job. Ever since March 15th I finished the course, I haven’t been employed and my drills and firefighting licenses have even expired. I cannot renew my license because even getting food to eat is a problem.

I am not good in sending mails like this, but I want these people exposed ..



Disclaimer: The experience stated here is solely that of our anonymous source. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of, its editors or other contributors.


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