South Africa targets 104,000 visitors from India in 2017

Hanneli Slabber



South Africa had 95, 377 Indian visitors in 2016, which is 21% more compared to 2015. In 2017, the NTO set a target to attract of 104,000 visitors from India. Hanneli Slabber, Country Manager, SA Tourism in India said, “Next year’s figure implies a tremendous growth. It will mean intense and aggressive promotions coupled with a focus on new markets across geography and demographics.”

In this direction, promotional plans for the current year include sustained efforts in areas that South Africa has been focusing on in the past such as joint promotions with travel agents and customer outreach through outdoor media, television, digital, print and of late, social media.

In terms of geographic markets, South African Tourism plans to engage potential travellers through the agent-specific ‘Learn South Africa programme’ which will train travel agents in 17 Indian cities during July. The tourism board plans to train focus and customise for travellers in these cities with city-specific joint promotions with travel agents in all 17 chosen cities. Demographically too, South African Tourism is also keen on targeting younger globe-trotters given that India has a sizeable proportion of young population aged 18-35, some of whom form today’s market and some of whom will form the travel markets of the near future.

‎Hanneli Slabber, Country Manager: India at South African Tourism had this to say, “Besides the staples like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru all of which make a strong contribution to arrivals, our B2B roadshow will travel to Kolkata and Ahmedabad in January 2018,”

This year, South African Tourism is going to focus on smaller coastal towns where travellers can pack in a lot of action into shorter time-spans.  “We will train travel agents and also create demand and awareness for these smaller towns in the consumer space,” said Slabber. “We look forward to an exciting year! January’s arrival figures are out and we welcomed about 6,300 Indian travellers – we look forward to very high numbers during the summer holiday season running from now until Mid-June.”


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