The most bizarre new spa treatments for 2017


Forget traditional massages and facials, there are a host of quirky new spa treatments around the world drawing on medical expertise, inspired by ancient rituals or offering sanctuary in the face of digital overload.

Serenity seekers can find their bliss with a sound bath in Mexico, a marijuana massage in Denver or unplug their over-worked minds at a silent retreat in India. 

A wave of new spa treatments have been introduced to tackle the damaging impact of over stimulation caused by modern living such as facial workouts for tech addicts and therapies combating sleeplessness.

Beauty brands are embracing the New Age and creating treatments that feature mystical symbolism and the promise of spiritual healing. Above is Yaan Wellness spa in Tulum, Mexico, which provides healing through sound

Personalisation down to blood type level is also one of the more bizarre areas holidaymakers can explore.


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