Tourism Fiji becomes “International Day of Happiness” partner


The International Day of Happiness is a United Nations initiative introduced in 2011 that recognises “the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human goal” and has been celebrated around the world on the 20th of March ever since.

Matt Stoeckel, CEO of Tourism Fiji said, “Tourism Fiji is proud to announce an official partnership with the International Day of Happiness this year. Fiji has been granted International Day of Happiness member state accreditation status, and is one of the first nations in the world to receive this status. Fiji is the place where happiness finds you and the hospitality extended to its visitors is world renown. Tourism Fiji recognizes the synergies with the International Day of Happiness and through this partnership will showcase to the rest of the world what makes Fiji such a happy place”.

In the lead-up to International Day of Happiness, Tourism Fiji shared the stories of what makes Fiji such a happy place via social media channels to a global audience. A competition was also been run during this period and a dedicated microsite where users could vote on Fijian experiences that they felt best represented the theme: “where happiness finds you”.

International Day of Happiness Founder Jayme Illien said, “We are thrilled to partner with Tourism Fiji and Fiji in 2017. It’s a natural partnership and we hope the rest of the world will learn a thing or two and take meaningful steps towards richer, happier lives. Importantly, we see this partnership as a long-term relationship and are confident it will act as a model for other partnerships going forward.”


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