Uganda Bans Dutch Film ‘The Dinner Club’ for ‘Glorifying Homosexuality’


The Embassy of The Netherlands in Kampala, Uganda announced that the Uganda’s censorship board has banned a Dutch film, The Dinner Club, after accusing it of “glorifying homosexuality”.


The embassy made the announcement in a Facebook post that it “deplored” the decision to ban the film. It then published the full list of objections from the media council which also include using lurid language and smoking, especially by women.


The Uganda Media Council described the film as women forming a “Dinner Club which is, in reality, a sort of brothel”, and said the film included scenes of “gay men sauntering away drunk”. It said “while glorifying homosexuality two women say marriage (presumably to men) is hard work! This is against Ugandan values.” The council also objected to one man calling another a “hot chick”.


In the comments under the embassy’s Facebook post, many people support the media council’s stand. One person said: “People from the West should know that Uganda has a culture and it’s very right to prohibit what they see as evil or will torment our culture.”


But the embassy also gets some disagreement, with another person writing: “This is just unfortunate. The author at the media council does not represent the views of the majority of Ugandans. In fact, he has greatly embarrassed many of us.”


The film was released in 2010 and was due to be shown at a European film festival in Uganda. But the Embassy of the Netherlands said it will no longer taking part in the festival.


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