World Malaria Day


Every adventurous traveler will probably pass through a malaria-prone area at some point. If you’re travelling to tropical areas, sub-tropical areas or even Eastern Europe, you might be exposed to this pernicious parasitic disease. April is World Malaria Month. Malaria is the leading cause of business traveller-related illness that International SOS deals with annually and for this reason the organization is very passionate about the awareness, education and eradication of this disease.


Some tips to keep yourself protected from malaria are:

1. Wear long sleeved clothing around dark to reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

2. Spray clothes with permethrin, which reduces the risk of being bitten through your clothes.

3. Use mosquito repellent such as Diethyltoluamide  (DEET) on exposed skin

4. If you sleep outdoors or in an unscreened room, you should use mosquito nets impregnated with an insecticide (such as pyrethroid)

5. Take anti-malarial medication before leaving your country and take note of the medication you use in case of a repeat application.


For more information on Malaria and how to be safe while travelling, please view the infographic and visit International SOS Microsite.


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