Zanzibar Amber Resort to play a pivotal role in uplifting East African Tourism



Zanzibar Amber Resort is a collection of 51 tropical islands in Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. Initially, the island served as a port for Indian, African, Arabic and Persian traders exchanging slaves and spices. It received its independence in 1963 from Portuguese, Arabic and British control.


Now, Zanzibar is all set to undergo a major transformation, both in social and mega luxury betterment via worldwide marketing campaign to establish itself on the world map as an important tropical tourism destination in the world.

In current context, this spectacular paradise is one of the top tourist attractions on the Indian Ocean. Every place in Zanzibar solidifies a different chapter of this place known for its multi-cultural past and mixed ownership.
Visitors can explore and walk through the palace of the sultan, the ruler over Zanzibar. The Stone Town is known as one of the World’s Heritage Sites of 2000 years old.

It is also the home to the House of Wonders. It is because Stone Town is said to be the first building in Zanzibar which got electricity. It had dancing lights from a distance at night. Today, few structures are still standing from the sultanate ruling in the 17th century.


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